Cousin Jessi's 2 cents on the 2DS

Cousin Jessi's 2 cents on the 2DS

Hey kids! It’s me your cousin Jessi back from the tomb and as lively as ever! Well for an undead girl that is…

Anywho, as you may know Nintendo has just released information about the new 2DS handheld system which will be coming on October 12th, which just happens to be the same day as the new Pokemon X and Y game but I’m sure that’s a total coincidence! *wink*

The new 2DS is basically a 3DS that no longer in 3D and is flat rather then flappy like the 3DS is. So it’s a 3DS that’s not in 3D and can’t bend, therefore taking away ALL the benefits and technological advances that the 3DS has to offer. Sorry but anyone else think this is just a tad, silly? Seriously hear me out here!

Ok, let’s start by looking at what the new system has to offer. First off, it’s flat which means it can lay nicely on a table or other flat surface (like your lap!) and it’s arched at the top a bit so the screen is not completely flat on the table. This is a nice feature, but at the same time, you could just as easily sit your 3DS down on a table and incline the top half to receive the same game play! So in all, it’s just slightly better for people who prefer to play at a table. You can also still put the system into “sleep” mode via a slider, which works the same as closing the lid on the 3DS, so that’s a plus.

The part that I find “silly” though is that other than it being flat rather than flappable, it’s main selling feature is that you can play the 3DS games in 2D. First of all, the main reason most people bought the 3DS was for the 3D features! They wanted to be able to play games in more depth and get a new experience out of the gameplay. And, for the other people who could care less about the 3D elements and just liked the awesome games the system offered, you could just shut off the 3D or even lessen it by using the depth slider.

Let me say that again real quick, YOU CAN SHUT OFF THE 3D ON THE 3DS!

So the system can lay flatter than the 3DS can if you were to fold the top half all the way down, you can play games in 2D without having to deal with the annoying task of having to move a slider up and down, oh and did I mention? You can even still take 3D pictures using the 2DS but they can’t be seen in 3D unless you transfer them to 3DS (which makes the duel camera completely useless.) So what exactly is the benefit of buying this system?

The kiddies that’s what! Yes, kids under 7 are not suppose to play with the 3D turned on because it is bad for their little heads. So the 2DS is perfect for those little ones, in fact, that’s Nintendo’s intended audience! Start making gamers out of them right from birth, I got to admit I can’t argue with that! But even so, in this economy can we afford to buy our kindergarten/preschoolers their own system when in like two years they will be old enough to play the real 3DS (not to mention the fact that by the time they are 8 there will be six new brand new systems out)?

So, to WRAP UP this rant, I just feel like the new 2DS is just a waste of money especially if you already own a 3DS! The only logical reason I can see for buying this system over the 3DS is if you have a young child who likes to play your 3DS and you are too darn lazy to turn off the 3D every time they want to use it. Or perhaps if you don’t already own a 3DS and wanted to get one but could care less about the 3D aspect of it. It is, after all, going to be only $129.99 which is a WHOPPING $30 cheaper than the 3DS. Of course, I am just a mere mummy and to each their own, so we will see what happens in October of this year. And for the record, I am still a huge Nintendo fan either way, I just think they should focus their efforts on the WiiU right now and not on seemingly unnecessary new systems! As always, happy gaming my dear living friends and feel free to share your thoughts on the subject! It’s always nice to speak to creatures who have less than 10 legs!

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