Cousin Jessi's Adventure at Days of the Dead Indy 2013!

Cousin Jessi's Adventure at Days of the Dead Indy 2013!

Well Kids! I took a little break from all the game playing and decided to drive all the way to Indianapolis IN to visit the Days of the Dead Indy Horror convention! It was three nights, July 6-8th, of non-stop fun full of cosplay, horror movies, celebrities, and lots of venders! I managed to meet some great horror fans in very elaborate costumes (some a little bit TOO realistic if you know what I mean!)

The venders rooms were packed with crazy stuff! There were even venders selling live snakes, lizards, and tarantulas! Not that I don't see enough of that at home but it's nice to meet ones I don't have to clean up after. There was even a monsters ball at the end of the con on Saturday where fans could hang out and mingle with celebs as well as witness a costume contest for all the great cosplayers (and trust me there were some great ones!)

There were a lot of people there making it seem pretty crowded, but the con was spread out well with two big vender rooms and a couple smaller celeb rooms to lesson the chaos. The lines to meet celebs were actually well managed and didn't tangle up to much. Plus it was nice that most of the celebs were very laid back and enjoyed just talking to you. In fact, they were so laid back that I was able to meet a few that were gracious enough to give us a shout-out!

The first awesome celeb shout out was Keith David, who is famous for "They Live" and "Platoon" as well as his extensive voice acting career (including my favorite, the witty cat in "Coraline.") Keith was super nice and even gave me a long hug! I hope it wasn't because he was stuck in my bandages..

I was also lucky enough to meet former WWE wrestler Roddy Piper who also co-stared with Keith David in "They Live." He was also supernice and one-upped Keith but not ONLY giving me a hug put a kiss on the cheek as well! Oh and I forgave him for calling my wraps "toilet paper" though that WOULD be a cheaper option...

And what trip to a horror con would be complete without a visit to one of the original Munsters, Butch Patrick! He even remembered meeting my cousin Gregula! I'm not surprised because that guy leaves a lasting impression...especially on the carpet. Btw it's a bit hard to hear but Butch says "I'm Butch Patrick, Eddie Munster of the Munsters..." I think he was a bit star struck by me is all...or the other way around?

I really enjoyed Days of the Dead Indy overall! I was able to meet lots of great people and there was lots of things to shop for a see plus i got some great shout-outs! Now if only I didn't leave my only pack of "mummy floss" at the hotel....

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