Day 1 at TBS Just For Laughs Chicago 2013 [PHOTOS]

Time to get ready for a Festival of Funny because the biggest comedy event of the year has just rolled into Chicago once again! The 5th Annual TBS Just For Laughs Chicago has officially begun!

On Tuesday, June 11th the day started with a quick trek over to JFLChicago headquarters inside Hotel Sax Chicago to pick up our press passes. As you can see from the photo gallery below, the festival logos are prominently displayed at the hotel including a HUGE banner hanging from the one parking garage of Marina Towers. Impressive! Later that same evening, the comedy festival opened at Stage 773. For the first time in the 5 year history of the festival, Stage 773 became the main venue for local young talent and a few select national names to converge upon instead of  them going to numerous comedy venues around Chicago such as in past years. Being touted as the “Digital Comedy Hub" this year, shows at 773 are live-streamed across multiple digital platforms, including Pandora, Google+, Twitter, TeamCoco, Dailymotion  and others. The fest still highlights local venues, but in name only at 773 with productions being titled iO Theater Presents, The Lincoln Lodge Presents and so forth.

Da Count and I had the extreme pleasure of attending our first show of the fest this year at 773 entitled iO Theater Presents TJ & Dave. The critically acclaimed improv team of TJ Jagodowski and David Pasquesi promised the audience that ”this is all made up” at the beginning of the show and trust me, they kept their word. These guys performed a hilarious and completely random skit about two workplace buddies who are offered a job but are not interested. Their biggest talent was bringing multiple characters and relationships to life within the show, and they got plenty of laughs from the packed audience. Count and I enjoyed the show immensely and give it **TWO FANGS UP**.

Not only did we have fun at the show, we managed to score another unexpected celebrity encounter! While waiting to get in the show we met former SNL cast member and star of the Police Academy movies Tim Kazurinsky who was also there to see TJ and Dave. What a pleasant surprise and he was super nice too.

TBS Just For Laughs Chicago runs till Sunday, June 16th.

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Now please enjoy the following photo gallery.


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