Welcome to Cousin Jessi's SPOOKY Game Reviews!!

Welcome to Cousin Jessi's SPOOKY Game Reviews!!

Hello everyone!

My name is Jessi and I am a very very distant cousin of Count Gregula and Countess! In fact we are SO distant that you could even say we aren’t really cousins! But anyway, all my friends refer to me as Cousin Jessi.

As the newest contributor to the Crypt you can count on me to update you on some very SPOOKY video games reviews and features, as well as some not so SPOOKY ones. Along with reviews and features, I might even throw in my two sense about issues in the video gaming world and maybe even get an interview or too. There is just no telling WHAT Cousin Jessi will talk about next (cept that it will most likely be video game related)!

So come back regularly and see what I have to offer! If you don’t agree with my reviews or just want to yell at me about something (Cousin Gregula is ALWAYS yelling at me about something!) then feel free to do so I love the attention!

So see you soon fellow creatures of the night…and those morning people as well…I’m off to write up another SPOOKY review!!

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