Event Recap: Staged Reading of 'I’ve Got a Life in Kalamazoo' at MBC [PHOTOS]

Countess & I vent to the Sunday, April 14th matinee performance of I’ve Got a Life in Kalamazoo at the Museum of Broadcast Communications (MBC). This vas a very interesting and unique event to say the least because it vas billed as a staged reading of a sitcom in development in front of a live audience. On that Sunday afternoon there vas about 200 people in attendance. The show already had a successful Saturday evening performance to a SOLD OUT crowd of enthusiastic fans!

Vhen I first seen the commercials for this event on Me-Too I just knew I had to vitness this show UNDEAD in person! The main cast is comprised of sitcom legends Marion Ross (Happy Days) and Ed Asner (Lou Grant) along vith TV pro Vickie Lewis (News Radio). TV producing/vriting partners Teresa Thome and Patrick Ziegler created this production that vas filmed both on Saturday and Sunday so that the best scenes can be edited into a pilot/demo to shop around to various netvork and cable outlets.

According to the press release the show is described as Everybody Loves Raymond meets Will & Grace. I’ve Got A Life in Kalamazoo is based on Thome’s one-woman show, Warm Cheese. It features Nilah Hoyer (Lewis) as a small town singer/performer in the midst of a mid-life crisis that attempts to move her career to the next level. Her best friend, Clayton Croft (Ziegler) urges her to move to Chicago. However, a turn of events occurs and Nilah must stay in Kalamazoo to care for her aging parents, Bob (Asner) and Imelda (Ross).

The rest of the supporting cast included Gregory Jbara, Butch Jerinic, Bill Mendieta and Richard Carnegie.

One of the funniest lines is said by my favorite character Bob reminiscent of Archie Bunker. Bob proceeds to put his arm around Clayton then says, "What is the difference between a lion and a fairy?" *PAUSE* "You can't put your arm around a lion." LOL!


I sure hope that this production does make it to TV in the near future because it looks promising. Then I can say that I vas there at the very beginning of this sitcom being developed in front of my bloodshot eyes! ;-)

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