Event Recap: Opening Night of CIMMfest No. 5 [PHOTOS]

Count Gregula & I had the extreme pleasure of attending the opening festivities on Thursday night at CIMMfest No. 5.  When we arrived at Constellation, drenched from a sudden rainstorm, we were pleasantly surprised to see that complimentary food and drink were provided for the attendees. A bit later with dry clothes  and full bellies, we entered the small theater space for the show.

The first performance of the evening was by singer Tom Musick. His style was old-school, only accompanied by a piano player, The audience was entertained and laughed at some of the more humorous lyrics.

Next up was a short film by Richard Parks"Music Man Murray" which focused on a record store owner's struggle to sell his product and his store.

Finally, after a short intermission and a few drinks, the headliner for the evening Van Dyke Parks arrived onstage. His backing musicians were an unusal blend of classical and modern, including a harpist and string bass with Mr. Parks on vocals. His style seems to evoke that of  Randy Newman, who he has worked with in the past.  He was excellent, however a negative aspect was his frequent requests of the audience to stop taking photos because it interrupted the flow of the performance.  We felt that it would have been a better idea to request no photos at the beginning of his portion of the event.  Other than that, Mr. Parks put on an incredibly enjoyable show.

Count and I had a great time last night and we are looking forward very much to Day 2 of CIMMFest5.

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