Day 4 at CIMMfest No. 5: Closing Night

Day 4 at CIMMfest No. 5: Closing Night

Sunday vas the last day of CIMMfest No. 5. It vas bittersveet because even though there vere still several films screening throughout the entire day leading up to the Closing Night ceremony, I knew that this vas the very last time this year to attend any CIMMfest events.

Since ve had attended the Baadasssss Movie Awards Show honoring Melvin Van Peebles the night before, ve decided to check out one of his films at the Logan Theater. The movie vas Don't Play Us Cheap, a strange but entertaining musical about two Devil Bats who decide that it would be amusing to transform into humans, crash a party and break it up. Turns out the home they chose was hosting a Harlem Party, and their job vas soon cut out for them. The characters and setting visually reminded us of an episode of ” Meet The Browns” . Ve vere pleasantly surprised to see a couple of familiar faces, Esther Rolle (Florida from Good Times) and Mabel King (Mama from What's Happening) in the film. The film had a blend of comedic and dramatic moments, blended with songs that ranged in style from gospel to showtunes. Countess and I gave this film **TWO FANGS UP**.

Aftervards, ve stopped at CIMMcity Headquarters one last time. It vas not as busy as the day before but there vere snacks there and ve had an opportunity to spend some quiet time before the main event at Constellation.

So off to Constellation ve vent. Upon our arrival the guy at the door offered us goody bags full of treats care of the sponsors and enjoyed a drink vhile vaiting for the doors to open. Food arrived and ve vere allowed to take our plates into the theatre. The Closing Ceremonies started vith a keynote address by Martin Atkins. He is a musician, teacher and author of the book Tour: Smart Martin Atkins. His speech vas hilarious, lots of sight gags and amusing film slides kept the audience in stitches. The highlight vas him tossing packages of blueberry muffins into the crowd!

The CIMMfest Awards vere next and it vas one of the quickest avard ceremonies I had ever vitnessed. Unfortunately ve could not stay for the rest of the show, but hopefully ve vill get a chance to catch The Source Family on DVD one day.

It vas a fun four days full of film and food. I vish ve could do this EVERY veekend!


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