Day 3 at CIMMfest No. 5: Melvin Van Peebles Baadasssss Awards Show (Constellation)

Saturday at CIMMfest No. 5 vas CIMMsational! Countess & I vent to CIMMcity HQ for the first time and couldn't believe how it vas like it's own fest right inside that store front! The site vas a command center of sorts vith several people sitting at a couple long desks in front of laptops checking in volunteers and people that bought tickets, passes, vristbands, etc. Countess & I had to stop over there to retrieve our vristbands and I'm glad ve did. There vas an open bar, popcorn, food and even entertainment! Also, the Guest of Honor Melvin Van Peebles valking in vhile ve vere sitting around! So, I just had to take this opportunity to get a  photo op vith him since he vill more than likely be busier by the time the evening rolled around vhen he attends his own award show at the Constellation.

Not only did ve spend time hanging upside down at Headquarters, ve also took in a couple ,short films at the Logan Theater. The first one focused on a young DJ called Josh LeCash, vho spent an entire interview talking about how awesome he is, interspersed vith clips of his clients and their guests talking about how much he sucked. LeCash seemed to have some personal problems and family and friends (including family friend Bobcat Goldthwait) do show concern for him. The main short vas the documentary ”Last Shop Standing” vhich vas about record shops in the UK and how modern innovations such as the advent of the compact disc and downloading music from the internet put the shops in danger of closing. Interviews vith various shop owners and musicians describe their plight. Very interesting to see and ve give both films **ONE AND A HALF FANGS UP**.

Then it vas time to travel back to Constellation for the Melvin Van Peebles event, starting vith a pre-party at Underbar vith BBQ food care of Smoke Daddy. Things got a bit crowded vith the arrival of Mr. Van Peebles' entourage so we went to the main venue and had even more food and drink!

The Baadasssss Awards Show vas extremely entertaining. The event started vith film footage of his movies and interviews vhen he vas younger. A Q&A vith Richard Steele of WBEZ 91.5 took place aftervards. Melvin Van Peebles vas then presented vith his namesake avard, then trea treated everyone to a concert vith his band WidLaxative.

The day vas a lot of fun, now to to prepare ourselves for the 4th and final day of CIMMfest!

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