Day 2 at CIMMfest No. 5: CIMMpathy for The Stones (Music Box Theatre)

Count & I had Fang-tastic Film Fest Fun on Friday! Since I have now run out of "F" words (that I can used in mixed company) I can do nothing more than leave you with this review for Day 2 at CIMMfest No. 5. We attended the special retrospective called CIMMpathy for The Stones: Celebrating 50 Years of The Rolling Stones on Film at the Music Box Theatre.

The first film screened was Muddy Waters & The Rolling Stones at the Checkerboard Lounge, Chicago ’81 featuring Muddy Waters and The Stones. Back in 1981, during their US tour, The Stones stopped by Chicago's legendary Checkerboard Lounge to catch a performance by blues musician Muddy Waters. During the middle of the show, Mr. Waters called up Mick Jagger onstage for an impromptu jam. He was soon joined by bandmates Keith Richards and Ron Wood for a rocking good time. Even Buddy Guy got to join in on the musical action. It was kinda neat to see The Rolling Stones having fun performing blues jams with a true legend. **TWO FANGS UP**

After a brief intermission, the next film screening was The Rolling Stones Charlie is my Darling – Ireland 1965. Inspired by The Beatles' film I Wanna Hold Your Hand, manager Andrew Loog Oldham decided that The Rolling Stones should have the same treatment. This documentary turned out to be some of the earliest concert footage of the Stones, with the original band members. Filmed during their 1965 Ireland tour, this film blends fan interviews with behind the scenes and live concert footage. During one of their early concerts, the band only managed to get through a few numbers before the crowd went nuts and swarmed onstage, tackling band members so hard the police had to cancel the gig. A wonderful piece of nostalgia and an inside look at the men who would become Stones. ABKCO Films’ Mick Gochanour and Robin Klein were in attendance for an audience Q&A following the film, which Count and I both give **TWO FANGS UP**.

Next up was Stones in Exile. This film follows The Rolling Stones during the spring of 1971, when they reluctantly left England to record their new album in France. During this time Keith Richard settled in a villa, which soon become the recording location for their next album ”Exile on Main Street”. There was extensive archive footage, but was not as enthralling as the previous two movies. We do give it **ONE AND A HALF FANGS**.

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