Cousin Jessi's SPOOKY Review of Le Vamp for iOS!

Cousin Jessi's SPOOKY Review of Le Vamp for iOS!

Well kiddies! It’s time for another SPOOKY game review from Cousin Jessi! I must say my wrappings were all in a knot after I got to play this fun little game!

Le Vamp is a cute little adventure game for the iPad and iPhone by High Voltage Software. Le Vamp a little vampire who just wants to run around outside and have fun. However, his idea og having fun is drinking the blood of forest creatures and terrorizing the local towns people, which tends to lead them to not like him much! So now, it’s up to Le Vamp’s poor overworked ghost butler to protect the little Vamp from the angry mob chasing after him, plus a plethora of other obstacles in his way!

I was able to try out Le Vamp at High Voltage Software’s offices in Hoffman Estates, on a tablet device. The whole game is played by tapping on the screen and interacting with the scenery and characters. Le Vamp moves on his own so your only job is to rid Le Vamp of the dangers that are in his way. Some of the things I had to do for little Vamp was fling pigs into his mouth to regain his heath, collect coins and bat upgrades, smash and fling monsters out of Vamp’s way, and even block sunlight and swipe down trees so that Vamp didn’t fall into the river. By the end of the level I had flung, smashed, collected, swiped, poked, and tapped everything on the screen! Sheesh I am exhausted just typing that out!

The action in Le Vamp is very fast paced and won’t allow you anytime to rest or even blink! It’s definitely challenging but at the same time the developers are also careful to not unleash everything at you at once. As you play you will get new obstacles to over come that come with a nice little tutorial from the ghost butler. The Vamp is pretty oblivious to what’s around him too so if you don’t fling away bad stuff or stomp out a monster, Vamp will run right into them and get injured. Plus, every obstacle he runs into slows him down which causes the angry mob to get closer and closer to him before they finally shish-ka-bob the poor Vamp!


The best part of the game is the ADORABLE animation! Even the blood thirsty monsters are adorable as they are being eaten or smashed to oblivion. Le Vamp definitely has a flair for cute and campy, but it also has a small dose of macabre. Just enough, in fact, to make the game creepy and cause you to cringe at times, yet not enough to make the game gross or mature rated. In fact, I think Le Vamp is suitable for all ages over 10.

Overall I enjoyed the game and felt it was definitely challenging but fun as well. Its constant movement of characters and the interaction with the scenery make this game a unique and exciting concept. It’s puts you on the other side of the action which you don’t often see in see in adventure games. It’s fast paced, exciting, challenging, and adorable! Le Vamp is available now from the App store for $1.99 grab it today!

ankhs4 out of 5

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