Burlesque Review: Vaudezilla! (After Dark) Burlesque Cabaret Chicago [Stage 773]

Burlesque Review: Vaudezilla! (After Dark) Burlesque Cabaret Chicago [Stage 773]

Last weekend was the weekend of Birthday Shenanigans for me and of course it had to be SEXY.

So it was a very good thing that My Count and I were invited to attend the April 6, 2013 opening night edition of Vaudezilla! (After Dark) at Stage 773 starring Red Hot Annie.  As we are pretty much burlesque aficionados these days, we had an idea of what to expect.  But when we arrived at the show, we were surprised to see that traditional theater seating had been eschewed for a full-on intimate cabaret/nightclub experience including candlelit tables and chairs, with a smattering of couches. We knew we were in for a ole fashioned good time.

From the opening burlesque striptease (Betty Boom Boom, Raven Gemini, Titty Perkins and Lilly Rascal) to a 1950s housewife (Raven Gemini) crooning a love song while sweeping the floor, we felt like we had been transported back to a time before movies, television and the internet became distractions.  Adding to the vaudeville feel were comedian Ian Abramson who enjoyed giving the punchline before the joke and Magister Freud who oozed film noir with his magical act.

The highlights of the evening were guest performer Sophia Bliss and her "Nancy Drew: Girl Detective" dance and headliner Red Hot Annie who certainly knew how to keep the audience from cooling off with her shimmy and sway.  We all had such a good time it was sad when it had to end, but don't worry there will be more because Vaudezilla is a weekly show!

After the show was over, Count and I actually got to meet Red Hot Annie and since it was officially my birthday, she gave me my very own feather boa as a gift!  Now don't expect Countess to be doing any burlesque striptease onstage very soon hahaha *wink*.

**TWO FANGS UP** Can't wait to see another edition of Vaudezilla (After Dark)!

Stage 773 is located at 1225 W. Belmont Ave., Chicago, IL

Running Saturdays in April at 10:30 PM

For more info and to purchase tickets, visit vaudezilla.com/events.html.

Tickets are $18.

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