Review - Naked Girls Reading 4th Anniversary: Come Into My Parlor (Everleigh Social Club)

Review - Naked Girls Reading 4th Anniversary: Come Into My Parlor (Everleigh Social Club)

After the Good Food Festival on Friday, March 15th, Countess and I decided that ve vere hungry for a little bit of literary nourishment.  So ve headed downtown to the Everleigh Social Club for the latest installment of Naked Girls Reading presents "Come Into My Parlor".

Ve arrived shortly before the show vas scheduled to begin and veren't sure ve vere at the right place as the Everleigh Social Club is actually upstairs above an innocent bakery.  However ve did notice several patrons enter by getting buzzed in, making our experience mysterious and speakeasy-like.  After the three-flight climb, ve entered a dark candelit room appropriately decked out as an old-fashioned sitting parlor complete vith overstuffed chairs and ornate couches vith a  live piano player adding to the atmosphere. Taking our seat on a comfortable sofa, ve settled in for vhat vould become a unique evening.

After a few announcements from our host Franky Vivid, the girls (Greta Layne, Michelle L'amour and Honey Halfpint, pictured below) came out in classy lingerie and proceeded to, ahem, get fully naked.  Now if you vere expecting a sleazy striptease, you vill be sorely disappointed, these girls do nudity vith class.  

This vas also a very special event as it vas a celebration of the 4th Birthday of the first edition of Naked Girls Reading.  The theme vas "Courtesans" and related stories, just as it vas back in March 2009 vhen it all began.  As each girl read their story, ve actually forgot that these girls vere fully unclothed and became enthralled in the stories.  That takes extreme talent and these ladies are experts. Ve vere also treated to two tales told to us from guest readers from the Naked Girls Reading chapters of Victoria, British Columbia and Minneapolis, MN via Skype.

Now you cannot have a birthday celebration vithout cake now, so after a short video featuring memories of past Naked Girl Readings, ve vere treated to cupcakes lovingly baked by naked women.  There vere also brownies brought by another guest so the sveetness of the evening vas enhanced tenfold.

Countess and I enjoyed ourselves thoroughly, even though VE had to keep our clothes on, hehe!  So ve give the Naked Girls Reading a rising **TWO FANGS UP** because anything else "up" vould be inappropriate. *vink*

Naked Girls Reading takes place in the Everleigh Social Club located at 939 W Randolph, Chicago, IL 60607.

The show runs once per month on select Fridays. Doors open at 7:00 PM. Next performance vill be April 26th, 2013. Reservations Required. BYOB.

For more info and to purchase tickets, please visit

One ticket is $20 or two tickets for $35.




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