Burlesque Review - Don't Blink: A Doctor Who Burlesque (Gorilla Tango Theatre)

Burlesque Review - Don't Blink: A Doctor Who Burlesque (Gorilla Tango Theatre)

Has it been a while since you last enjoyed boobies?  Well, it has been for us here at Da Crypt so we decided to make the trip to Gorilla Tango Theatre for another one of their nerd-themed burlesque shows.

Their latest offering is a  Doctor Who themed show with all the usual sexy hi-jinks that one comes to expect from Gorilla Tango.  I will be perfectly honest, this review is through they eyes of a non-Whovian, so apologies in advance if I get anything wrong.  However, you don't even need to have ever seen one episode to enjoy this hilarious take on the long running TV program.

The audience is magically transported to an episode of Doctor Who beginning with a veiled dance to the classic theme ending with a girl in a TARDIS (blue police call box used for time travel).  You then meet the current (11th, potrayed by Matt Smith in the show) Doctor (Lady Lemon Drop) and his companion.  Only the Doctor has now become a Doctor-ess.   While fascinated by his new feminine form (now he doesn't have to ever leave the house *BADOOM-tsh!*) they will have to travel through time and space to find out what the heck is going on!  During their travel they encounter three previous incarnations of the Doctor including the 10th (David Tennant, portrayed by Crystal Paradise), 9th (Christopher Eccleston, portrayed by Diva La Vida) and of course the one and only 4th Doctor (Tom Baker, portrayed by Irene Goodnight - because no Doctor Who anything should ever be without the 4th Doctor).  To their horror (and delight?) they all find out that they have not only been feminized, they also have the urge to dance with little to no clothing, lucky for you - the audience.

The girls were amazing as their characters, with accurate portrayals and accents, the dancing was sexy and sparkle was added by a Weeping Angel who danced through the audience.  There were also Daleks on rollerskates and shiny not so happy Cyberwomen.  The Mistress (Juicy Lucy) appears later in the show with the answers to all that is going on.

Count Gregula and I enjoyed the performance very much! Don't Blink: A Doctor Who Burlesque gets **TWO FANGS UP** from us.

Don't miss out on Who, get your tickets today!

Gorilla Tango Theatre is located at 1919 N. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago, IL 60647

Running every Friday at 9:00 PM from  February 1 – May 31, 2013

For more info and to purchase tickets, visit or call the box office at (773) 598-4549.

Tickets are $35. Only 18 and over admitted.

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