Movie Review: ThanksKilling 3

Movie Review: ThanksKilling 3

This past Friday, Count Gregula and I were invited by our friends at Gorilla Tango Theatre in Skokie to see the movie ThanksKilling 3 for their only Chicago viewing. We were not only excited to see the film but also to get a look at how they renovated the old Skokie Theater which had been in danger of closing.

We entered the main lobby to find that the entire place had been remodeled with a waiting area that reminded me of a doctors office. It was so amazingly spotless you could not picture a normal movie theater ever being there. Also the theatre itself was totally renovated to look like a larger version of the GT location on Milwaukee Avenue including exposed brick walls, polished floors and stadium like seating.

Ok I see you're bored of aesthetics (vocabulary word o' the day) and want to get to the review. Well I don't blame you!

Now we weren't sure exactly what to expect, especially since we hadn't viewed the original ThanksKilling. But apparently what had happened is that there was supposedly a sequel ThanksKilling 2, which was sooooo bad that it was never released to the public and all copies of the movie were to be destroyed. Now this doesn't sit well with the film's star and villain Turkie, a homicidal turkey with a fowl mouth and a nasty attitude.

BUT (or is it butt?), there is one last copy that survived which ends up in the backpack of a disturbingly Muppet-like puppet called Yomi. Yomi apparently has lost her mind and needs to find a piece of it, so she seeks the help of Uncle Donny, the wig wearing inventor of the PluckMaster 3000 (a device for killing plucking and cooking Thanksgiving turkeys), his pal Jefferson who is head of security at a imaginary theme park called ThanksgivingLand, a nasty rapping grandma in a wheelchair, a bisexual space worm and the WiseTurkey, the gatekeeper to the Featherworld, a Hades-like place for the souls of Thanksgiving turkeys.

Meanwhile, hilarity and mayhem ensue as the crazed Turkie, in his quest to retrieve the last copy of ThanksKilling 2, wreaks a bloody path through his own family and other unfortunate characters while the good guys not only have to fend him off, but also help poor Yomi find her mind.

The movie itself has great potential and actually started out as a mega hilarious black horror-comedy. But the subplot about Yomi trying to find her mind and the film slipping a bit into a sad drama actually kind of threw me off a bit. There were also a couple of killings that really weren't pleasant to watch and actually made me sad. However, that didn't stop us from enjoying the movie as a whole, so Gregula and I give this movie a Fang and a Half for effort.

P.S. Make sure you stay until the credits are done!

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