Happy 165th Boo-Day to Bram Stoker!

Happy 165th Boo-Day to Bram Stoker!

Count Gregula's Crypt vould like to vish Bram Stoker a very Happy 165th Boo-Day celebration! Stoker, the Irish novelist best known for his 1897 Gothic novel Dracula, inspired many of today's vampires including my own character creation of Count Gregula.

Here is a little trivia for my readers: Before the book vas called Dracula, it vas originally called The Dead Un-dead. It vent to the publishers under the name The Un-Dead.

Google  even  joins in on the celebration by DEAD-icating today's "Google Doodle" to Stoker vith a Dracula theme as seen by my featured image.

Long live the Godfather of all of us vampires!



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