Get vell soon, Rich Koz a.k.a. Svengoolie!

Just heard the sad news that our fiend Rich Koz suffered a cardiac event over the veekend. Countess Gregula & I vish him a speedy recovery. Ve appreciate the kindness and support from Rich throughout the many years ve have known him. Get vell soon, Svengoolie!

As a special treat, enjoy this video interview that Sven did for us at The Chicago Theatre on November 17, 2011. It vas a magical and historic night for all of us involved. :-)



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  • And just after Robert Feder reportedthat he was getting a new coffin from the Acme Co.

    This hits me as too creepy a coincidence.

    BTW, Feder's post about this today indicates that Koz has had a history of heart problems, and according to Neal Sabin of WCIU seems to be recovering.

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