Where the WILD Things Are Chicago Costume Fashion Show: A Recap

Count Gregula's Crypt vas invited to Carnivale Restaurant  by Chicago Costume on October 11th to check out the latest in forest animal fashion that Glam Live presented Where the WILD Things Are Chicago Costume Fashion Show. The entire event vas organized very vell. For starters, Carnivale seemed like the perfect place to stage that fashion show since the restaurant itself is very colorful. The name of the event is based on the book Where the Wild Things Are  by Maurice Sendak, body paint vas provided by Mario INK, make-up by Airbrush Academy, costumes by Chicago Costume Co. live photo shoot by Ron Justin Photography and special DJ appearance by XONIC.

There vas a reception in the beginning vith tasty appetizers and refreshing drinks such as beer, vine and sangria. Then after ve ate and drank, the models started to strut their scary stuff on a red carpet in the middle of the room to a packed crowd. Photos vere taken of each model on the red carpet as vell as a separate photography area right next to vhere Countess & I sat.  At the end of the night, Chicago Costume "goodie bags" vere passed out to everyone. Inside the bags vere red clown noses, Groucho glasses and candy!

A very fun and festive Halloveen event that I hope to attend every year! Now, feel free to view my gallery of ghoulish delights from Where the WILD Things Are Chicago Costume Fashion Show! ENJOY!



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