Theatre Review: Frankenstein @ City Lit Theater

Theatre Review: Frankenstein @ City Lit Theater

Victor Frankenstein—haggard, emaciated and nearly frozen to death—has been rescued from the Arctic Sea by a British ship that is now trapped in ice. He tells the captain of his pursuit of the creature he created and by whom his life is now ruled.

This is the tale written almost 100 years ago by Mary Shelley and brought back to life (literally) by director Terry McCabe and Bo List who adapted the story for the stage.

Bo List's adaptation of Frankenstein stays quite true to the 1818 novel, so those who were expecting something similar to the 1931 Universal Studios adaptation will be surprised. There is no dumb green-skinned beast with a flat head tearing up the countryside. Here you get an articulate-speaking disfigured creature (Mark Pracht) with great intelligence, his anger and violence born out of sadness and rejection.

Victor Frankenstein (Ed Krystosek) tells his tale of woe via flashbacks, starting with a promise to the woman he loves, Elizabeth (Jennifer T. Grubb), that he will marry her as soon as he returns from his medical studies. At university, he becomes fascinated with the science of reanimating dead body parts and decides he would like to create his own human being. His professor (Eustace Allen) highly discourages this but Victor, along with his good friend Henry Clerval (David Fink) go ahead with the experiment...with disastrous results.

The story flows well on the stage, all scene changes are seamless with the help of clever lighting and props without needing a curtain to hide the stagehands' movements. The cast is extremely talented and some of the actors even play multiple parts.

The Count and I highly enjoyed this adaptation of Frankenstein, and the intimate setting of City Lit Theatre made for a cozy entertainment experience. Very highly recommended **TWO FANGS UP**.

City Lit Theater is located at 1020 W. Bryn Mawr, Chicago, IL

Running September 28 - November 4, 2012

Friday - Saturday 8PM
Sunday 3PM
Plus two Thursdays October 25 and November 1 8PM
Special Halloween performance Wednesday, October 31 8 PM

For more info and to purchase tickets, visit
Tickets $28.50

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