Haunted House Review: The Massacre Haunted House + Fear Factory 3D

Haunted House Review: The Massacre Haunted House + Fear Factory 3D

OK, this past Friday was extreeeemely busy because the Count and I had gone downtown for a taping of the Steve Harvey Show. Yup yup, I know this has nothing to do with my review but it enhances my story HAHA. Anyway, Count informed me that we still had yet ANOTHER haunted house to attend and this one was in Naperville at the Odyssey Fun World. Of course my answer was a resounding "YEEAAAA BABYEEE" so we grabbed a Zipcar in the vicinity of the studio and off we went on a far-out haunted suburban adventure.

The drive from downtown Chicago to Naperville was actually not as fearsome as I thought it would be.  It only took us just over half an hour to get there which was a relief as I wasn't sure if we would make it before closing.   But Count reassured me that they didn't close til Midnight on Fridays so we were all good. As we arrived to our destination, we found it a tiny bit hard to find from the highway as Odyssey Fun World was actually down a slightly winding road past a Carmax auto store.

When we arrived to Odyssey Fun World and saw the sheer amount of games and entertainment, we knew that this would be a fun place for an evening out. You know, play some games, get scared haha. Unfortunately, due to time restraints, we did not have time to play any of the arcade games so we went straight to the haunted house. It was a tiny bit hard to find but then we saw the giant signs pointing to the upstairs area so up we went. Now if you didn't have your ticket, like we did you would be sent downstairs to the box office to get one. So up we climbed again and began our ascent (cause we were upstairs, get it?) into terror...

The first part of the haunt is their Fear Factory 3D, a three dimensional area painted in day-glo colors. There are music and spooky scenes in this area, setting the mood perfectly. I got a bit lulled by the brightness and just about when I was feeling like a fluorescent adolescent, an actor/animated prop jumped out unexpectedly, scaring me silly.

So you're now feeling jarred by your experience with the third dimension and ready to relax after returning your glasses, but wait THERE'S MORE! You have now arrived at the Massacre Haunted House. There are various different themes, including a hillbilly house with hilarious redneck characters who will be happy to trade sarcastic remarks with you and a church funeral scene that included a zombie nun, yeccch! There are also quite a few dark areas, where you will have to feel your way around to find your way out, but beware, you might find something a little shocking!

All in all, this haunt gives quite a few quality scares and with the length of time it took us to get through the haunt (about half an hour?) it is good value for the money. Plenty of creatures walking around the waiting area looking for a fright, or is it a bite??? The Masscare Haunted House + Fear Factory get **TWO FANGS UP** from the Gregulas, very worth the long drive from the city!

The Massacre Haunted House + Fear Factory 3D is located at Odyssey Fun World, 3440 Odyssey Court, Naperville, IL

Open Thursday - Sunday and every day from October 25 -31 and November 2 - 3, 2012 
Sunday - Thursday and November 2-3  7PM - 11PM
Friday - Saturday and October 31st (Halloween) 7PM - 12AM

For more info and to purchase tickets, visit www.fearthemassacre.com.

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