Haunted House Review: Screams In The Park

Haunted House Review: Screams In The Park

The Gregula crew hath returned once again to Screams In The Park last Saturday for more Haunted House mayhem and mayhem we got! We needed to get our scare on because it wasn't just any ordinary weekend, but the Birthday weekend of one Count Sam Gregula (known as Greg to the mortals) and we needed to make it as spooktacular as possible! So we gathered the usual suspects and met in Rosemont in their Park area just across the way from the Muvico theatre and prepared ourselves to travel back in time to 1895 - a time where a certain doctor by the name of H.H. Holmes was creating his own form of mayhem and murder...

We were promised a basement and a basement we got, this year the haunt is located in the lowest level of the parking garage. The entrance way was dimly lit, with a lone shopping cart full of trash suggesting that some poor homeless soul met his demise. Then we were ushered into another dimly lit waiting area where we were greeted by the Doc himself, who informed us of the rules and regulations of the haunt, don't touch the actors they won't touch you blah blah blah.

Going through the haunt was a fascinating, yet disturbing experience. As we went deeper into the bowels of The Basement, we were treated to many gruesome scenes, including the bedroom of a man too large to leave his bed. Let's leave that to the imagination, ewwww! The haunt had many twists and turns and felt like it went on for DAYS, which is very good value for the money spent. There were clever animatronics and the actors did their job well, popping out unexpectedly and just being intimidating. The scenes were extremely detailed and the lighting was perfect.

Our group is a bit jaded to haunted attraction experiences so we were more entertained than anything, but we were creeped out for sure. Mere mortals will defintely be spooked, if not scared silly.

Once again Screams, good job and thank you for making Gregula's Boo-Day Weekend a terrifying success! We cannot wait to see what you have in store for next year! **TWO FANGS UP**

Screams In The Park is located in The Park at Rosemont (in the basement of their parking garage across from the Muvico Theater), 9703 Bryn Mawr Ave, Rosemont, IL

Open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday and October 24-31, 2012

Wednesday - Saturday 7PM - 11PM
Sunday 5PM - 9PM

For more info and to purchase tickets, visit http://screamsinthepark.co/HOME.html

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