Haunted House Review: Fear City Chicago & Hades Haunted House

Haunted House Review: Fear City Chicago & Hades Haunted House


That is what rang through my head as Count Gregula and I attended the Preview Party for Fear City Chicago & Hades Haunted House. The anticipation was high and we were prepared to be scared! Since we had attended Fear City last year, we kinda knew what to expect. But fear not (IRONY HAHA) there would be plenty of all new frights in store, especially with the addition of the legendary Hades Haunted House as a second attraction!

From the outside, the haunt looks like an everyday factory/warehouse, but once you walk through the door, you know this is the real deal! The giant waiting room is dimly lit with flickering TVs and mood lighting to get you spooked. When it is time to go in, a ghastly ghoul will arrive to lead you inside, peppering you with insults which only enhance the fun. We were given the full tour as part of the preview night, including the VIP option with the addition of a Peep Show, where a few surprises await in a R rated enviroment ;).

Then we entered the real haunt. There were so many rooms with so much gory detail, I hate to reveal much here as not to spoil the surprise. But I will say the highlight for us was the replica of a CTA Red Line L train, and if you have ever ridden the Red Line at night you would know how scary that actually is! It was fairly authentic (without having to take an actual train car out) and they even had the annoucement that rings through your brain on every ride. "Doors closing".

Most of the haunt was Chicago-centric, including a walk thru Lincoln Park Zoo and the joy of walking thru a giant  mouth of  G-Rod (former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich*) complete with a punching bag as a uvula (the little thing that hangs from your throat). But there were new stuff too, including a 3D area painted in fluorescent colors so bright you got slightly dizzy.

Just when we thought we had attended both haunts, we realized that we were WRONG. There was still Hades yet to come. Unfortunately, at press time, that particular section of the haunt was not complete, but owner/creator Joe Jensen treated all of us to a preview which blew our minds. Expect a lot of avant-garde spooky creations as you enter the depths of Hell at the one and only Hades Haunted House. Hopefully Count and I will get a chance to take the full tour later this month.

Fear City and Hades did not disappoint and Count Gregula and I highly recommend that you come down to Morton Grove and get your fright on!!! **TWO FANGS UP**

Fear City Chicago + Hades Haunted House is located at 8240 N. Austin Ave, Morton Grove, IL.

Open Every Friday, Saturday, Sunday and the last 7 days of October 2012.

Sunday - Thursday 7:30PM - 11:00PM
Friday - Saturday 7:30PM -12:00AM

For more info and to purchase tickets, visit: www.fearcitychicago.com or www.hadeshauntedhouse.net.

*FUN FACT: Count Gregula interviewed the actual former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich at Wizard World Chicago Comic Con 2010! Click HERE for the exclusive video!

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