Haunted House Review: Fables Studios Haunted House

Haunted House Review: Fables Studios Haunted House

Last Sunday, 10/7, the folks from Fables invited the crew of Count Gregula's Crypt to tour their all-new interactive haunted house. Upon arriving, we were surprised to see that it was located in a tiny storefront in a strip mall and was wondering how ever would they be able to fit a haunted attraction in there.

Well, have you ever heard the term "Good things come in small packages"? Well this DEFINTELY applied to Fables Haunted House. Owner Peter Tomeczko was not only able to fit a maximum amount of scares in a minmal amount of space, he and his crew did it in a VERY creative manner. There are no run of the mill graveyard scenes to be found in this haunt - nearly every prop, including the masks worn by the actors were custom made. At Fables you are brought into a carnivalesque museum of wonders, starting with a small exhibit of odd and freaky knick knacks and other souvenirs of the weird as you enter the ticket booth. Going through the haunted house is a unique experience as you are not simply an observer, but a participant. Pushing levers, making decisions, you get the full interactive treatment.
We also had the pleasure of speaking with Mr. Tomeczko afterwards in Scary Perry's Halloween Store* right next door to the haunt. He explained how having his own haunted house attraction was something he had dreamed about ever since he was a kid and how it took over five years of planning and construction to make that come true. We just have to say FANG YOU Peter! Your dream was our nightmare and a fun one it was! **TWO FANGS UP**

Fables Studios Haunted House is located at 8408 W. Grand Ave., River Grove, IL

Open Thursday - Sunday and every day from October 24 -31, 2012

7:00PM - 11:30PM

For more info, visit www.fablesstudios.com

*Don't forget to visit Scary Perry's Halloween Store after you exit the haunt! This store has many unique things that you will NOT find in the big box Halloween shops (e.g. Spirit, Halloween City, etc.) and the owner Tony Perry is extremely helpful and informative. Visit www.scaryperrys.com for details!

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