Haunted House Review: Dream Reapers XIII - The Final Nightmare

Haunted House Review: Dream Reapers XIII - The Final Nightmare

It is with great sadness that one of our favorite haunts will have their coffin lid shut for good after this October. Dream Reapers Haunted House is closing their doors after their 13th and final season of haunting in Melrose Park, IL.

Now just because it's their final season, that doesn't mean they will skimp on the scares as Count and I found out the hard way ;-) .

The eerie experience begins as soon as you enter the ticketing area. It is dark and creepy, and beware the ticket taker muahahaha...


After you get your ticket you enter the dark and cavernous waiting room, decorated with spooky props and many zombie actors sneaking through the line paths to give the patrons a fright. The actors are very "in your face" and take advantage of every little fear they notice of you. To add to the spooky atmosphere, videos of Halloweens at Dream Reapers past play on a giant screen. A highlight is the "Wall of Fame" with pictures of some of the more infamous characters that have populated Dream Reapers Haunted House, including Nurse Hatchet and the irrepressible Show-Me the Clown, whose creepy, naughty but hilarious antics have entertained Dream Reapers patrons for years. Sadly Show-Me wasn't present that night (we hadn't seen him in a couple years except for last Christmas at the fundraiser for the haunt) but there were plenty of scary folks there to give you a fright. One zombie in particular decided to make me feel special awwwwwww how sweet. Not. HAHA!

The haunt itself has most of it's old favorites, including the Hellevator and the most authentic cemetery/mausoleum scene you will find in the Chicagoland area. Each room has it's own scent (developed by creators Nightmare, Inc.) that set the mood, although the area with the homeless people just smelled a little too NICE to be true. A lot of the rooms are PG-13 to R-rated so use your best judgement if bringing younger haunt fanatics.

You will be scared, you will be disgusted but most of all...you will be entertained. Dream Reapers is definitely going out on a high note and Halloween will just not be the same when it's gone!


Dream Reapers Haunted House is located at 1945 Cornell Avenue, Melrose Park, IL

Open Thursday - Sunday and every day from October 25 -31, 2012

Sunday - Thursday 7PM - 10PM
Friday - Saturday 7PM - 11PM

For more info and to purchase tickets, visit www.dreamreapers.com


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