Haunted House Review: Amenti Haunted House

Haunted House Review:  Amenti Haunted House


It's been awhile since we visited the boonies and since Count Gregula's Crypt had a standing invitation from Amenti Haunted House in DeKalb, IL, we decided to pack up the fambly (Count, Countess and Grim Marco) and head on out for another haunted house adventure. To be honest, you would have to be a true haunted house junkie to travel the 60 plus miles out of Chicago to the land of Northern Illinois University but this event was so worth it!

Our little group, fortified by McDonald's Dollar Value Menu arrived at the Egyptian Theatre to see it all decked out in it's ghoulish best. The marquee was covered in cargo nets and moss and highlighted by orange spotlights bathing the top part of the building in an eerie orange glow. There was a line maybe half a block long of mostly college kids on the outside waiting and just as many in the indoor waiting area, seems like this was the place to be on a Friday night!

Since we are VIV's (Very Important Vampires) haha, we didn't have to endure the long wait and along with a small group of other people, were whisked inside to a small room where a video screen approximately the size of a theater poster announced the rules of the haunt. All of a sudden (after a false start, just a glitch that night I guess) a door slid open and we were transported to an ancient Egyptian pyramid, which was appropriate since we were in the Egyptian Theatre *wink*. As we navigated the narrow halls which were creepily decorated with decaying artifacts, we saw creatures lurking about. Not much interaction with the patrons themselves, but that was probably due to the fact that it was an extremely busy night and we had to keep on moving to let others through. They still managed to give unexpected frights.

There were several other themed rooms in this haunt which were equally detailed, including a hillbilly house, a jungle type area and a clown room. A lot of navigating through the house requires climbing up and down lots of stairs and squeezing through pitch dark mazes, good thing we were in fairly good shape as it was challenging! The mazes were quite dark and once again we had to cheat with Count's cell phone light just so we wouldn't keep bumping into the others in our group.

We were definitely impressed by Amenti and their effort so we give it **TWO FANGS UP**. Even though the dark mazes weren't a big favorite of ours, there were very realistic sets and we had a lot of fun. Teens and college age kids will definitely have a blast here, but there's only two more nights left of fear so you better hurry on down to Amenti to get your scare on!

Amenti Haunted House is located at the Egyptian Theatre, 135 North Second Street, DeKalb, IL

Open October 30 & 31, 2012

October 30 7PM - 10PM
October 31 7PM - 11:30PM

For more info and to buy tickets, visit www.amenti.info

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