A Day at Bengtson's Pumpkin Fest 2012: A Review

A Day at Bengtson's Pumpkin Fest 2012: A Review

You didn't think that we were DONE celebrating Count Gregula's Birthday just after one night of Haunted Housing now did you?


A small group of us gathered together on The Count's Day of Birth to frolic about in the fresh air and sunshine. Normally this would be a BAD thing for a vampire but since none of us here are normal, we managed to survive and have fun while we were at it.

As we drove by the farm, we noticed that it was so packed that we actually had to park in the lot across the street, something that we never have done before. Actually we had never seen Bengston's that busy before! I think it may had something to do with a giant pumpkin contest or possibly the summer-like weather. I saw a news truck from Channel 7 - Chicago so I knew it was some kind of big deal. Even though it was crowded, it never seemed like it. The farm is HUGE and has plenty of room to wander about.

The park was decorated in true Halloween style, with tons of pumpkins of all sizes laying about the area because it's a pumpkin farm after all. So MANY pumpkins! Big ones, small ones, pumpkins you could fit into the palm of your hand. There was even a visit from The Pumpkin Man who carves incredible three dimensional faces into the flesh of the pumpkin itself. No ordinary Jack O' Lantern for this guy!

The activities at Bengtson's are endless, lots of animatronic spooky figures erected throughout the farm, some even interactive. There were several skeleton displays including a skeleton country band complete with a couple dancing and our personal favorite, the talking skeleton in the outhouse who is using the facilities if you know what I mean. ;) The cackling witch and the busted car near the entrance with the angry skeleton was hilarious too. There is a Haunted Barn which takes you on a spooky journey with several animated scenes guaranteed to make your skin crawl. Little ones would prefer the Fun Barn near the front of the farm, also with animated scenes that are spooky but still kid-friendly. If that hasn't knocked your socks off, you can visit the straw maze a little further in. This year there is an all-new Vortex within the maze, so prepare to get dizzy! Oh and don't forget the FREE hay ride which takes you in a giant circle around the back of the farm where you can enjoy the fresh air and witness the Pumpkin Chucker machine which shoots pumpkins in the air for lengthy distances. During the middle of the hay ride, there is an optional stop where you can either remain on the wagon or go into a giant pumpkin patch complete with scarecrows, which is a majestic scene for taking pictures. There is also a pit filled with dried corn shells that the kids could play in which prompted one of our group to remark that it was like a "Hillbilly Chuck E Cheese". Now that was a compliment, not meant to insult :).

If that's not enough for you, there are also the animal-centric activities. There is a Baby Animal barn where you can see little ones interacting with their parents, very educational. There are chickens and goats and even a little fenced in area where rabbits have their own little town, with a giant tortoise as a special guest! The highlight of it all is the Pig Races, where you can sit in the bleachers and watch several types of pigs race, including baby pigs, regular sized and the giant pot-bellied pigs. The pig trainers are hilarious and even pick out "pig rooters" from the audience to cheer on their favorite porkers!

When you are done, have a snack at one of their many kiosks...Count and I noshed on Roasted Sweet Corn and Taffy Apples. Last but not least, make sure you visit their Halloween Shop located right above the Haunted Barn, where loads of decor and costume accessories await for your purchase. Don't forget to buy your pumpkin on the way out!

Spend a few hours or even an entire day at Bengtson's Pumpkin Farm....you will not be disappointed! **TWO FANGS UP** I wish it could be more but Count Gregula only has two fangs!

Bengtson's Pumpkin Fest 2012 is located at Bengtson Farm, 13341 W. 151st, Homer Glen, IL

Open September 29 - October 30, 2012

Daily 10AM - 8PM

For more info and to purchase tickets, visit www.pumpkinfarm.com.

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