The Blathering! (9.12.12)

blath·er·ing (blath-er-ing) noun
A group of ChicagoNow bloggers who have decided to get together as an excuse to have pizza, drinks and good times.

What do you get when you combine bloggers, pizza, drinks and comedy? Well if you are part of the ChicagoNow community, that is called a Blathering. Bloggers, gathering...get it?

Haha, well Count Gregula and I. along with Crypt Crew members Marco and Cecilia, attended our first Blathering (hoping there will be more, hint hint) this past Wednesday evening at FitzGerald's in Berwyn (yes that Berwyn, the home of all things Svengoolie).



Oh scuse me for that interruption, now back to what I was blogging about, oh yes, we were at the Blathering at FitzGerald's Wednesday night to enjoy a night of comedy and friends hosted by the ever gracious Jimmy Greenfield. Since it was our first Blathering, we did not know what to expect. We knew there would be munchies and drinks, but what we got was a delicious Chicago-style thin crust pizza buffet by a local establishment which I forgotten to get a menu from so unfortunately I won't be able to give them the credit that they so deserve.

After the delicious eats and our complimentary drinks, we settled in for a hilarious night of comedy with fellow bloggers Patrick O'HaraScott King, Dale Zawada, Jacob Williams and Fritz Nothnagel who also perform as stand-up comics. The humor ran the gamut from pre-wedding preparations to annoying relatives, just like real life :)).

May there be more Blatherings to come!

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