Ladies, Avoid the Magnifying Mirror

Every time I need to tweeze my eyebrows I inevitably head to the magnifying mirror in my bathroom.  You know the one.  Has two pointy ears and long red tail.  Before I turn on it's handy dandy light, the one that helps me see every single poor, broken blood vessel, pimple, wrinkle, I think stay focused, don't look anywhere but the brow.  That lasts about 10 seconds before my eyes wildly wander.  Oh the horror.

I know a man came up with this mirror to torture women.  No woman would even want to take her barely there imperfections and magnify them by 100.  If a woman came up with the magnifying mirror it would be  small and rectangular so you only  see what you need to pluck.

So the bigger question is, if I know the pain it will cause when I use it, why do I still have it in my bathroom?  I'll tell you why.  Each time I hope to see the skin of another woman.  I spend a small fortune to look like the models in magazines who's skin is so flawless they look like mannequins.  I'm smart enough to know their skin is a fantasy created by airbrushing, but I strive for it anyway.  Don't we all?  So what's a woman to do?

I think this woman is going to donate her mirror, stop looking at magazines...and television adds...and I guess the internet as well.  No, that's not going to work.  I guess I'm going to have to be thankful for what I have.  Continue to spend large amounts of money on miracle creams and use my devilish mirror to pluck my crazy eyebrows.  But honestly, can't someone come up with one of these mirrors so it has a soft focus?


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  • Love your post! Reminds me of how well I'd thought my skin was holding up, until I bought those dang reading glasses. Sigh.

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