The Thing About Rocket Launches

The Thing About Rocket Launches
One of the best views in the house.

I love everything about rocket launches. Every. Last. Thing.

They are addictive and launch fever really is a thing.

The thing about rocket launches though, you cannot plan anything around them. A life of any sort will get in between you and the rocket launch you want to see. It's true.

Without fail, every launch I attend is plagued by scrub after scrub. It doesn't matter if I give myself a week, a couple days, if I free up my month, they just don't fly if I am around. And just as dependable, the launches I decide not to attend go off like clockwork.

If that isn't frustrating enough, those scrubbed for days launches, they generally take off the day after I've gone.

Even though it's the most frustrating thing, I know I'll keep doing it.

This year I've made plans for at least 8 launches. 4 of those delayed significantly ahead of schedule so that I knew I could not try for them again and spared myself the incredibly stressful planning. In the end, I still have only seen one rocket launch this year, and it was one I never planned on being around for in the first place.  Hoping 2016 pans out better in terms of launches, and really hoping to get some more international launches on the books.

Most of my family and friends think I am mad for still trying to see as many as I do, but then again, none of them have ever been through it. I'm sure they would be just as enamored, because it's kind of like wanderlust. It's in the blood.

The photo is Zorro and I, his first launch, at the one rocket launch I was able to see this year, SpaceX 's Thales mission. I'll save that story for another day, because as it turned out, Zorro ended up being my little rocket launch good luck charm.

Zorro at his first rocket launch.

Zorro at his first rocket launch.


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