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When Boasting Goes Right.. by G. Gambrell

  What is the #1 statement that an employer will present to you during an interview? That’s right, “Tell me a little bit about yourself.” What exactly does this mean? I’ll tell you… It means that you should tell the employer about your PROFESSIONAL life and only your PROFESSIONAL life. Don’t go into any extended,... Read more »

How to Master: (Duhn, Duhn, Duhnnn) The Behavioral Interview

You’re at an interview. Dressed impeccably and equip with your pre-prepped answers to every question you think the employer is going to ask. You breezed through the first set a questions, “Tell me about yourself”, “Why are interested in working with us?”, “Why should we hire you?” Everything is going great, until the employer says,... Read more »

Networking- The Lifestyle: Keys to Building a Powerful Brand

“IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU!” was the first lesson the session leader (Darnell James) of this conference I attended back in October wanted us to get through our heads. That went out to the shy folks, me included, who let their social parameters inhibit their progression. You have to realize that when the time comes to attend... Read more »

The Sweeter the Honey, The Fatter the Check!

Cliché or not, that saying “You attract more bee’s with honey” applies to the workplace too. Attraction attracts success. Not just in your physical appearance, but having a healthy, positive mental attitude is attractive as well. In the midst of your grueling schedule or thin patience with customer service, remember to smile. Have fun. It... Read more »