The Sweeter the Honey, The Fatter the Check!

Cliché or not, that saying “You attract more bee’s with honey” applies to the workplace too. Attraction attracts success. Not just in your physical appearance, but having a healthy, positive mental attitude is attractive as well. In the midst of your grueling schedule or thin patience with customer service, remember to smile. Have fun. It will definitely help to keep the stress levels low. Master the P.I.E formula: Performance. Image. Exposure.

Performance: A part of being the “honey” is producing results. Are you adding value to company or just existing? You should be able to do your job so well that they would be in shambles if you were to leave the company tomorrow. Success for performing at a maximum level is being seen a problem solver by your peers. One way to achieve this is to always be in learning mode. Most executives are avid readers. Our mind dictates where we will go. Soon you will be seen as a knowledge sharer and a valuable asset to the bottom line.

Image: This one is a no brainer and goes back to considering yourself a brand and marketing it accordingly. I’m sure we’ve all heard the phrase, “Dress for the part you want, not for the part you have.” Well, they (whoever they are) weren’t lying. Image is directly correlated with someone’s success in the workplace. In addition to physical appearance, things like punctuality, being a team player, having high energy, and professional demeanor all influence how far a person will go in an organization.

Exposure: Now that you’ve mastered behavior and appearance, it’s time to market your product, your honey… You! This segment of the formula deals with relationship building and making those key connections with who you can positively influence and benefit from and vice versa.


Stunt tip: Be the hunter versus the fish. The fish waits to get caught; the hunter goes out and gets it! Keep your resume updated.  Keep the public aware of all your “honey’s” success and updates.


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