The Corporate Stunt, defined.

Stunt /stənt/

1.      An action displaying spectacular skill; often daring

          The Corporate Stunt was designed to serve as a blueprint for young professionals who wish to pull off bold moves in the workplace to gain that competitive edge. “Pulling off a stunt,” (a phrase you will often hear me say) doesn’t necessarily mean showing off or bragging on something you really don’t have, as we’ve been so classically conditioned to believe in the urban community. It is more so about taking your professional efforts to the next level while still remaining true to yourself. It is about adding your personal flavor to an environment and using that as a valuable asset to bring to your company; a true celebration how young professionals promote their brand in their prospective industries.

        The Corporate Stunt is not just for individuals in corporate America, but for job seekers, college students, and alumni. This blog is equipped with helpful tips, or stunts, to try for those looking to either change careers or get started in one for the first time. The Corporate Stunt also caters to young professionals choosing to go the entrepreneurial route, and for those who want to look good in person, and on paper.  The desired outcome is for my fellow readers to pull off the Ultimate stunt, and that is landing that dream J-O-B! Let’s grow, together.

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