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Peach Cobbler... Simple or Sophisticated? (A Gluten-Free Guest Column!)

[Note: Diana Zinkl, a fellow Michigan State grad and D.C. expat, noted recently that she had success with a gluten-free version of a peach cobbler recipe she’d found on the Web. I reminded her that I’d posted a pretty neat, all-purpose fruit cobbler recipe in June, and Diana — who now lives in Colorado —... Read more »

The Cooler Kitchen: An All-American (and Part-Mexican) 4th of July

Barb and I are invited to attend a friend’s 4th of July cookout in the Chicago ‘burbs. It’s a pot luck, so what to bring for this most-American of all holidays? Well, for any of you who have been kind enough to check out the Cooler on the Lake Shore blog, one of the answers... Read more »

What Better Way To Start The Weekend Than A Photo Of Someone Else's Cobbler?

This has been one of those catch-up chore days from hell. Yet somehow, I managed to find time to do this. This beauty, the latest in my series of farmers’ market-driven fruit cobblers, is raspberry-strawberry-rhubarb, all Michigan-grown and purchased at Chicago’s Green City Market. If this makes you want to do some indoor baking of... Read more »

Cobbler-mania: The Secret Is In The Sauce

Okay, I guess it serves me right. You can’t post outright food porn — like this photo of the strawberry-rhubarb cobbler I made earlier this week — without having people ask for the recipe.   Now the first thing I have to admit is that this is not a personal recipe, but one that I... Read more »