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The Colorado Spartans and Their Well-Crafted Beer Tour

It’s always good when your friends know the stuff that you really like. And I learned recently that it’s even better when your friends know that one of the things you really like is craft-brewed beer. A loyal graduate of Michigan State University, I am a member of the MSU Alumni Association (MSUAA) national advisory... Read more »

Goodbye to the 2012 Cubs: Ursa Minor Indeed

The Chicago Cubs’ 2012 season came to a merciful end Wednesday. While the arrival last winter of new team president Theo Epstein — who previously won two World Series rings as general manager of the Boston Red Sox — raised hopes for a better future, fans of this most star-crossed of sports teams knew it... Read more »

Tuesday in Chicago: I Guess We'll Have To Settle For More Beautiful Weather

It certainly felt like it was going to rain in Chicago on Monday. Thick, hot, soupy with humidity. The kind of wearying weather that is kind of an everyday thing during the summer in my old hometown of Washington, D.C. Yet the thunderstorms heralding an approaching cool front, forecast as a good possibility, never developed... Read more »