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Fun At The Farmers' Market: Yo, It's The Italian Scallion

Shopping at farmers’ market is a total kid-in-a-candy-store experience for me. It’s fortunate that there is only so much I can carry home, because otherwise I might need a second fridge. Here is a sampling from today’s haul at Chicago’s Green City Market… There are raspberries, blueberries, sweet cherries, apricots and peaches; sweet corn, red... Read more »

Greening Chicago: Meet Garden Girl Sara Gasbarra

There is urban agriculture. And there is really urban agriculture. This container vegetable garden — with its great view of Chicago’s Willis Tower, the tallest building in North America — is on the 8th floor sub-roof of the Hilton Chicago hotel on South Michigan Avenue. It is one of the “edible gardens” being designed for... Read more »

Green City Diary: Vegging Out At A Chicago Farmers' Market

So is my farmers’ market habit getting a bit obsessive? Yes and no. But mostly no. The photo above is my haul from my visit Saturday morning to Chicago’s Green City Market, located at the south end of Lincoln Park — the actual park, not the neighborhood. This still life includes peaches, apricots, sweet cherries,... Read more »

The Cooler Tavern: Strawberry Cubes Forever

Sometimes you read or hear a food tip and it sounds like a good idea. Then you try it and realize that the idea is simple genius. An inspiration. This is a story of a traditional shaken daiquiri served over strawberry ice cubes. You may thank me for this all summer long. I don’t have... Read more »

From The Cooler Kitchen: Risotto Primavera

There’s a fair number of delicious dishes that many of us eat only in restaurants because they just seem too complicated to make at home. Risotto is one that, for a lot of us, has always had a bit of mystery attached to it. This Italian preparation of short-grain rice requires a lot of stirring... Read more »