Super Moon Over Chicago Keep on Shining

The much-touted "supermoon" -- the night the moon was closer to Earth than any other in 2013 -- was greeted by skies over Chicago that had cleared after a mostly hazy second day of summer. While the supposedly larger appearance of the moon seemed a little elusive to the naked eye, there was no missing its brilliance as it rose high over Lake Michigan.

Our apartment on Lake Shore Drive near Belmont Harbor provides us with a wealth of sumptuous views year-round, but it is a special treat anytime there is a full moon (super or not) illuminating the waters of the great lake outside our windows and the skyline about four miles away. The photo gallery that accompanies this post underscores that point.

One feature that is particularly cool is the degree to which the moon dwarfed the weekly fireworks display over Navy Pier, which can be seen in the bottom portions of the vertical photos toward the end of the display.

If you are a resident of Chicago reading this, you already know the amazing amount of natural beauty that is at our fingertips in this broad, flat, green-ribboned waterside city. If you happen to be reading this elsewhere, enjoy this sampling.

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