Chicago At Sunset: You Can Even Say It Glows

Not being someone who has had a surfeit of lucky breaks, I tend to celebrate the ones that come along. When Barb and I were planning our move to Chicago in June 2011, we stumbled onto a 30th floor apartment in appropriately named Lakeview, a piece of good fortune that I get to acknowledge every morning when we raise the blinds.

The apartment, which looks directly down into Belmont Harbor, has a bit of a unique design that enables us to see clear across Lake Michigan to the east and down to its southern end, across the downtown skyline and out to the suburbs on the western horizon. As such, for much of the year, we get to watch the sun rising over the lake in the morning and setting each evening in the west.

I realized from the get-go that most people don't get to enjoy these sights on a regular basis, and have tried to share the experience as often as possible by posting photographs. Most of the time these just go up on Facebook. But I thought the colors were so striking at sunset tonight -- a light haze turning the sun into a bright red disk and the sky into a technicolor palette -- that it just seemed right to share it on the blog.

And as long as we're at it, I added three photos at the end from Saturday's sunrise, which was pretty darn lovely.



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