Nebraska From The Air: Some Love For A 'Flyover' State

I have flown in some dicey weather over the years, and about the only good thing I can say is that -- having survived each of these incidents utterly unscathed -- I have total confidence in the talented flight crews to get me where I'm going in one piece.

Nonetheless, I can't say I was unconcerned when I arrived at Denver International Airport very early Sunday morning, after a quick weekend trip, and learned there was a high wind warning awaiting me back home in Chicago. Especially since I also learned we would be unavoidably flying over a cold front that was kicking off rain straight down the middle of the United States.

Weather junkie that I am, I find it interesting to experience a weather change in the place I've gone for a short stay and then get home to do it all over again.

The same front had moved through Colorado on Saturday, kicking off snow squalls and dropping temperatures from 68 when I arrived Friday afternoon to 15 when I arrived at the airport pre-dawn this morning.

So today, we leap-frogged the cold front, and arrived in Chicago on a very windy and very warm day on which the high temperature was 70. The season change is expected to arrive shortly -- during a Bears' home game against the Houston Texans, which could get very interesting -- with temperatures overnight plunging below freezing, changing the forecast rain to ice and snow.

I am pleased to say, though, that the flight was not as jarring as I might have expected. We cleared the storms with no serious bumps, so we didn't really get jounced much until our final descent into Chicago.

That doesn't mean that, after a few nasty bounces and shifts, I wasn't more than glad to see the runways of Midway Airport nearing over the wing.

Approach to Midway Airport, Chicago

I did get to take some more aerial photography before we reached the cloud cover. It also was a rare opportunity to show Nebraska some love, with GoogleMaps and a flight tracker (our flight was wi-fi enabled) helping me identify exact locations. If you love Nebraska or know someone who does, please let them know.

The icy runway at Denver International Airport...

Icy runway at Denver International Airport

A rare close-up look at airplane wings getting de-icing treatment...

Airplane de-icing, Denver International Airport

Snow on the eastern Colorado plains, near Denver...

Aerial view of snow cover, eastern Colorado

Johnson Lake and Elwood Reservoir near Lexington, Nebraska...

Aerial view of Johnson Lake and Elwood Reservoir, Nebraska

Close-up of Elwood Reservoir...

Aerial view of Elwood Reservoir, Nebraska

Kearney, Nebraska...

Aerial view of Kearney, Nebraska

Grand Island, Nebraska...

Aerial view of Grand Island, Nebraska

Aurora, Nebraska...

Aerial view of Aurora, Nebraska

Unfortunately, we caught up with the clouds before we passed near the bigger cities of Lincoln and Omaha, and Iowa was completely socked in. But we emerged in time for me to capture a pretty neat bend in the Rock River in western Illinois, not far from Moline.

Aerial view of bend in Rock River near Moline, Illinois

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