Tuesday in Chicago: I Guess We'll Have To Settle For More Beautiful Weather

It certainly felt like it was going to rain in Chicago on Monday. Thick, hot, soupy with humidity. The kind of wearying weather that is kind of an everyday thing during the summer in my old hometown of Washington, D.C. Yet the thunderstorms heralding an approaching cool front, forecast as a good possibility, never developed at least here in town, and the drought continues.

Still, when I opened the blinds this morning and saw this almost cloudless sky -- and heard that the temps are supposed to max out in the mid-70s -- I figured I could live with another round of beautiful, happy-to-be-alive-in-Chicago weather.

The return to nice is especially timely because I plan to attend the Cubs games against the Detroit Tigers both tonight (a pleasant surprise invitation from a friend) and Wednesday night (a long-planned event for the Michigan State University Alumni Club of Metro Chicago, aka Chicago Spartans, for which I'm a member of the board of directors). This, at last, is payback for the seriously butt-freezing weather I endured on Opening Day and at another weekday game I attended the following week in April.

As I wrote on the original (pre-Chicago Now) iteration of Cooler on the Lake Shore:

"Before the start of Thursday’s season-opening game at Wrigley Field between the hometown Chicago Cubs and the Washington Nationals, I posted a photo of the beautiful little antique ballpark with the note: I don’t often have opportunities to feel like I’m five years old again, but my first Opening Day at Wrigley Field was one of them.

That took on a somewhat different spin a couple of hours later, when a brutal north wind on an already chilly day completed its work of knifing completely through my body. At that point, my inner five-year old started whining, 'It’s too cold. I wanna go home.' But my grown-up, baseball-besotted self told my inner child that he’d have to tough it out, because it was a close game with an uncertain outcome, and we were staying to the end even if hell froze over.

I won’t take offense at this point if you conclude that it’s probably a good idea that I never had children."

As for the ongoing dry spell, since I live on the 30th floor of a high-rise, the drought isn't a huge personal concern beyond the fact that my shoes get dusty when I go for walks in the park. Chicago gets most of its water supply from yonder Great Lake, which looks pretty full from here, so I doubt I'll go thirsty or un-bathed anytime soon. But this has got to be a concern for you gardeners and farmers out there. The 9.8 inches of precipitation for the year that we've been stuck at for quite a while is now 39 percent below normal. The forecast today calls for 0% chance of rain the rest of the week.

But history suggests that it will rain, eventually. In the meantime, enjoy extended spring. It took long enough to get here.

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