Sunday At The (Ball)Park With Doug

Yet another late spring day of endless sunshine. It has gotten to the point at which we really need some rain... the 10 inches of precipitation so far this year is nearly 40 percent below average. And there is a forecast for some thunderstorms on Monday afternoon, as a cool front breaks the mini-heat wave we've been in. In the meantime, enjoy a play-outside Sunday. Just be careful out there -- the forecast high is 93.

Since the skies look pretty much the same as the past couple of days, I figured I'd go with the long lens and give the skyline a little love this morning. Just to vary things up...

My Sunday plans center on going to this afternoon's White Sox game against the Houston Astros with my friend Doug, with whom I grew up in Yonkers, New York. It is a pleasure to have friendships so enduring, though it kind of pains me to have to admit that I've known someone I met when I was 11 for almost 45 years.

Doug is a born extrovert who was the most popular kid in school. I was... not. I like to joke that Doug's distinction in high school was that he was elected class president all four years, and my distinction in high school was that I voted to elect Doug as class president all four years.

I'll share my thoughts on the game, hopefully with some photos. I don't know if our seats are in the sun or shade, so I hope they don't hassle me for bringing in a gallon jug of sunscreen.


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