It's Monday, Chicago. Might As Well Rain.

Got us a warm and hazy Monday morning here in Chicago. There's a front moving across Iowa heading this way, and the forecast says we may have some thunderstorms this afternoon and/or evening. Might not be a bad day to get that outdoor exercise or errand done early.

If it's going to rain, it might as well be on Monday. And it's not like we -- and especially the region's farmers -- don't need it. Precip is down more than 38 percent compared to average, nice for beach basking and barbecues, but not so much for growing stuff. Thank goodness the new hop farm I visited in Michigan on Saturday (and blogged about on Sunday) has an elaborate irrigation system, because that ground was just bone dry.

And the bonus from this front moving through is that it will be followed by at least a couple of days of gorgeous June days, sunny with temperatures in the 70s, the kind on which you can't understand why anyone wouldn't want to live in Chicago. There's enough of the other kind of weather that makes you ponder why you do.


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