Happy Saturday, Chicago!

Good morning, residents and friends of Chicago! It's a little hazier than Friday, but abundant sunshine, as the forecasters like to say. High temperature around 90... sounds like meteorological summer is in full swing.

I'm off to visit a hop farm in Michigan -- named Hop Head Farms -- where they are celebrating completion of the planting of their first crop. I am developing a feature story about this project, so if you happen to be someone or know someone who would be interested in publishing said story, please do let me know.

The farm is the latest and perhaps most ambitious development in the revival of Michigan's hop growing, which was a big deal in the late 19th century but for all intents disappeared as the states of the Pacific Northwest became the dominant source for hops. And these hop farms are spinoffs of the booming rise in craft brewing, here in the Midwest and nationally. If you like beer, you like hops, which give individual beers a bit of bitterness and much of their unique flavors. If you like craft beer, you probably like hops a lot.

More about this later. Have a great day...


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