Chicago Thursday: Boston Baked Baseball Fans On The Menu

Our observation point here on Lake Michigan provides a view of the curving tip of North Avenue Beach. It being Thursday and all, it looks through the long lens like the beach is pretty human-free today. But it won't be this weekend if the approaching heat wave in the forecast comes to bear.

Take advantage of today's forecast high of 84, because it will seem relatively balmy compared to the predictions of 92 on Friday and [cue horror movie music] 99 on Saturday. The Boston Red Sox will be in town this weekend for a rare inter-league matchup with the Cubs at Wrigley Field, and while they likely will not have as big an entourage as the nearer-by Detroit Tigers have brought to the old ballpark this week, there will be a fair number of Boston baked baseball fans in the crowd.

(Please take a look at my blog posts on my visits to the Cubs-Tigers games at Wrigley on Tuesday and on Wednesday.)

I'll be posting again, hopefully later today, about what's available at the local farmers' markets. I picked up some very ripe and delicious Michigan raspberries, strawberries and cherries at the Green City Market yesterday. I feel another cobbler coming on!

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