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Still crazy-awesome after all these years

Kay, I mentioned her last week.  You remember, the woman who keeps her community garden organized.  The source of the mystery collards. As we talked and walked through the beautiful garden adjacent to her high rise, she said a few things which lodged in my brain, dropped a few comments which led me to suspect... Read more »

Presidential Debate? Forget it. I'm celebrating Wombat Day.

Presidential Debate?  Forget it.  I'm celebrating Wombat Day.
October 22 is International Wombat Day, probably a bigger holiday in other hemispheres, but worthy of a celebration nonetheless. We love wombats at our house, and when we discovered this holiday a year or so ago, we realized we had to observe it.  With, of course, the proper dinner. Wombat Pie. I discovered it under... Read more »

Harvest time

Harvest time
Despite a hundred mostly-green tomatoes that are being eaten one at a time by mice, our garden has been a joy this summer.  We got dozens of adorable little carrots, gorgeous lettuces and arugula, rhubarb, of course, by the several pounds, and lots of green peppers and poblanos.  The marigolds we grew from seeds to... Read more »