Pie Bakers? Bring it.

It's the South Side Pie Challenge.

Last fall I attended the Bucktown Apple Pie Contest and wrote about it here.  It was great, and wonderful, and delicious, but I was left with an unsettled, unsatisfied, if stuffed, feeling.

That's because I wanted a pie contest down in my neighborhood.

And now it's happening!    We have one venue--Ray Elementary School in Hyde Park, three judges so far, four categories, and twelve Canadian rosette prize ribbons.  It's all very exciting.

We're raising money for the Hyde Park/Kenwood Hunger Programs, a food pantry and a soup kitchen that serve several south side neighborhoods and operate under the umbrella of the Greater Chicago Food Depository.  A couple of weeks ago on WBEZ I heard an astounding statistic--that visits to food pantries and soup kitchens in Chicago went way up this year.  Like, by 68%.  Perhaps you, like me, think that these organizations can use a little help as we head into winter.

And to do so, what we need now is pie bakers--lots of pie bakers.   So break out your recipes and start perfecting your pie crust.  Our categories are Fruit, Nut, Creme, and Sweet Potato/Pumpkin.   Go register at our website.  Practice on your family.  And bring it.



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