Mark your calendars: Food Film Fest and Pow wow

Mark your calendars:  Food Film Fest and Pow wow

The folks at the Good Food Project here in Chicago are bringing us the 2nd Annual Food Film Fest November 18th through 20th--a fascinating and goofy mash-up of movies and food--say, donuts, or oysters--and I'm talking about eating, not just theorizing.  The Good Food Project is dedicated to bringing back a "strong food culture that is connected to the land."  Because of course, that has almost entirely disappeared under the crushing sedimentary layer of processed food that we live beneath.  So they visit Chicago schools and feed children real stuff from orchards and farms, with the predictable results that kids love what they are eating.  The Festival is also sponsored by the James Beard Foundation and will take place at Kendall College and the Intelligentsia Coffee Roasting Works.

Check it out here.   Buy tickets here.




So you've gotta love Chicago.  On the same weekend as the Food Film Festival is the 58th Annual Chicago Pow Wow at Navy Pier.  Very big, family friendly, inexpensive, and sure to be full of delicious Native American food offerings.  Check out the oldest cultures on the continent, and be amazed.

Full event information, including tickets and parking here.


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