Taste of Chicago opens in Grant Park

Since the 1850s, Chicago has been a serious food town. Long before New York, Chicago was and is still known as a food mecca. It still is a very serious food town, offering the best cuisine in the nation. Chicago restaurants are the most innovative, creative, or just plain old school best, bar none.

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For 34 years, Taste of Chicago, the largest food festival in the world, has been highlighting Chicago restaurants and Chicago food.

Taste of Chicago was the brainchild of Restaurateur Arnie Morton, who convinced former mayor Jane Byrne to close off part of Michigan Avenue in 1980. 100,000 people were expected to attend. Over 250,000 people attended. The Taste, as it is known, was moved to Grant Park, where it has been ever since.

On Wednesday, at 11:00 a.m. Taste of Chicago opened to large crowds. The day was mild and breezy. As the lunch hour approached, the crowds increased in size. If opening day is any indication, Taste of Chicago will be a smashing success this year.

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Food trucks were also present at the Taste, along with Pop-up restaurants. There was a Made in Chicago section, featuring vendors and designers from Chicago. One of the most interesting was the Eco-dome, a four season gazebo on steroids.

There was a larger diversity of cuisine at this years festival. One can eat cuisine from all over the world.

Celebrity Chefs like Lee Ann Whippen of q, were giving interviews.

There is an entertainment line up but that has nothing to do with food, the whole point of the festival.

Taste of Chicago was being covered by local, national, and international media organizations. Chicago is fast becoming a tourist and traveler haven. Festivals like Taste of Chicago will insure more millions of people come to Chicago.


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