Rubbing your meat

Dry rubs are seasoning mixtures used for grilling and smoking meats. They get their name because you need to rub them on and into the meat or poultry.

There are a wide variety of rubs. The only two constant ingredients are salt and sugar, usually brown sugar.

Rubs can be herbal, spicy, or sweet. They can also be used as seasoning for fish, fruits, and some vegetables.

The rub I found best to make comes from Alton Brown. It is a ratio proportion of 8-3-1 plus other seasonings. 8 parts brown sugar, 3 parts salt, and 1 part chili powder. Then 1 part combined of garlic powder, onion powder, herbs, and other flavorings.

The key to this recipe is the sugar salt proportions. You can ramp the flavor and spice up or down to your own taste.

I adapted his recipe for this rub. For an herbal rub you can swap out the chili and chipolte powders and use one part dried herbs instead.

I used my own homemade chili powder for this. Store bought is just fine.


1/2 pound light or dark brown sugar

1/2 pound granulated sugar

6 oz.- salt

1- oz. chili powder or to taste. Seasonings like Old Bay® or cajun seasoning blends can be substituted.

1-tsp. Chipolte powder (optional)

1-tbsp- Paprika

1-tbsp. Dried Italian seasoning

1-tbsp. garlic powder

1- tbsp. onion powder

1-tsp. black pepper

1-tsp. white pepper

2- loomi ground fine and sifted (Optional/Found in Middle Eastern specialty shops.)


Mix all ingredients thoroughly in a large mixing bowl or shake until mixed in a large tight sealed container. If using loomi, you will need a food processor. Break the loomi into pieces and process until it is fine. Sift through a fine mesh sieve.

Taste and adjust flavorings, heat, or herbs.

Store in a tight sealed container.

Rub small amounts on individual pieces of meat or poultry before grilling. Let sit for one hour then cook.

For smoking, liberally rub the meat or poultry. Wrap in plastic or seal in a large food quality bag (Cooking bags). Refrigerate for 24hrs. Then smoke.

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