#saveourbacon launched by the IronPigs

#saveourbacon launched by the IronPigs
Photo: Peter V. Bella

The Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs are a Minor League baseball team. They are the farm team for the Philadelphia Phillies. They play at Coca-Cola Park in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

The IronPigs are a very popular Minor League team. According to their website, 688,821 fans visited Coca-Cola Park during the 2012 season. They were the only team to break the 600,000 attendance number for five seasons. Coca-Cola Park is becoming an icon in baseball and is listed as one of the most progressive sports venues in America.



Mascot Chris P. Bacon (MiLB)

The IronPigs recently launched a new bacon glorification promotion. What else would one expect from a team named the IronPigs?

One of the team's mascots is Chris P. Bacon. Chris P. Bacon is so much better than Clark, the Cubs new abomination.

They have a new slogan, "Smell the Change".

Vendors at Coca-Coal Park will pile bacon on any food ordered. In between innings, "As the Bacon Turns," a satire on soap operas, is shown. The team has bacon themed clothing with scratch and sniff bacon motifs on some items. You can wear your bacon and smell it too.

The IronPigs launched Minor League Baseball's first social media hub, PorkCenter. PorkCenter is described as a "fan-interactive social media command center". The Twitter handle is @PorkCenter along with hashtags, #AskPork, #PorkSwag, and #PorkIQ.

The IronPigs have a kids club called IronPiglets. The club is sponsored by Peeps & Company, manufacturers of those adorable pastel dyed marshmallow delights kids love.


Image of billboard sign to be placed near Coca-Cola Park. (PCRM)

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) are not happy with the bacon centric IronPigs.

The vegan advocacy agenda organization is launching an all out attack to pull the pork from Coca-Cola Park. They are placing a billboard sign near the park, "equating bacon with cigarettes".

It is not the first time the vegan centric organization attacked normal food. They attacked milk as a carcinogen, causing prostate cancer. PCRM attacked the Seattle Sea Hawks Superbowl fare, the "Beast Burger," a sandwich with three kinds of meat, cheese, fries, and Skittles. OK, maybe Skittles is a little over the top. So what?

PCRM sent a letter detailing their concerns to Allentown mayor, Ed Pawlowski. The letter urges the mayor to stop the IronPigs from glorifying bacon, "before they strike out members of your community for good".

PCRM sent a letter to the IronPigs owners. In the letter they claimed "Smell the Change" is asking people to "taste the danger". "When you glorify bacon you're really glorifying cancer..." "Bacon is not a trend, a joke, or a gimmick. It's deadly." "Ban the bacon and hit a home run for health."

PCRM is just chock full of public relations cliches along with something else.

It gets better, or worse, depending on how you look at it. PCRM claims to sponsor two Lehigh Valley little league teams, the "Flying Fruits" and the "Dragon Fruit Dragons". The 'F' word is a derogatory homophobic slur for gay people. PCRM should know better. We should be appalled and demand they change the names of those teams immediately.

The IronPigs, no sniveling cowards, struck back. They launched the hashtag #saveourbacon (Facebook Twitter). They also invited people from PCRM to a game. They would even allow one of them to throw out the first pitch. That may not have been a good idea, as baseballs are covered with cowhide, a definite no-no to those vegan animal lovers.

When is enough enough? When are the majority of us intelligent people going to ignore these ridiculous agenda driven advocacy groups? When are low information journalists going to stop using them as experts with no expertise? When are they going to stop publicizing their antics?

When are we, a supposedly free people, going to be allowed to glorify anything we want, eat what ever we want, and be left alone? Look, it is my life and your life. We should not be food shamed for our choices. If you do not want to eat bacon or any other cured foods, deny your self pleasure. But leave me to my pleasures.

If people like PCRM and other pseudo science agenda driven groups want to graze in pastures like ovines and bovines that is their choice. We should not stop them, unless they are grazing on our lawn. Let us eat our meat. Let bygones be bygones.


Bacon is God's gift to man. Gad gave us bacon because he wants us to be happy. He gave is piglets as bacon seedlings so we can keep producing bacon. (Peter V. Bella)

Bacon is God's gift to man. God gave us bacon because he wants us to be happy. He gave us piglets as bacon seedlings so we can keep producing bacon.

There is nothing wrong with bacon, ham, or any other cured meats if eaten in moderation. Occassional splurging at a baseball game is not going to kill or adversely affect the health of anyone. Not even the children.

Please stop using children as pawns. It is deplorable, despicable, detestable, and disgusting. It is repugnant, abhorrent, and immoral.

The IronPigs should be commended for standing their ground to #saveourbacon. Unlike many quisling executives in the corporate world, instead of caving to pressure from some insignificant group, they are piling on the pork.

Don't get me wrong. I love vegetables, grains, legumes, and fruit. They all go well with meat. Once in a while, they can be a meal, but let's not get crazy here.

Man is an omnivore. Man evolved to survive and get nutrition from the wide variety of animals and plants. Veganism goes against the laws of nature.We are now an accepting and tolerant society. We allow some violations of natural law so we can live and let live. Vegans should be allowed to eat whatever they want. They should not terrorize or use groups like PCRM to terrorize normal omnivore humans.

Like normal intelligent people, they should live and let live.

Now I know why a certain celebrity chef referred to vegans as the Hezbollah of the food world. They create well funded faux science groups like PCRM to terrorize the rest of us. It is nothing but yellow journalism and fear mongering.

Just to annoy people like PCRM and their fellow travelers, I am going to make and publish my kicked up version of the Bacon Explosion. I may even send it to the IronPigs. Stay tuned.

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