Homemade green sriracha


Sriracha is becoming as ubiquitous as ketchup. Though there are several brands of the condiment, the one made by Huy Fong foods is the most popular and widely known. It is the bottle with the rooster logo and text in English, Vietnamese, Chinese, Spanish, and French.

The ingredients for this tasty piquant sauce are red chili peppers, garlic, vinegar, and sugar. The peppers are a special type of red jalapeno. Huy Fong production is geared towards the harvesting of these special peppers.

Sriracha was named the 2010 Ingredient of the Year by Bon Appetit magazine. It's popularity spawned a movie.

Sriracha sparked a boom due to its taste, heat, and myriad uses. It can be used straightup on anything you would use ketchup on. A squirt in a bowl of soup enhances the taste and a healthy squirt can clear the sinuses.

Almost everything tastes better with sriracha.

Out of curiosity, I emailed Huy Fong Foods to ask if they considered making a version using green Jalapeno peppers. They responded with a no.

While shopping a few months ago,  I came across a sale on green serrano peppers. I bought about two pounds, along with some garlic, and palm sugar.

I made a batch of green sriracha from recipes I found online. It is relatively easy to make. Total time is one day.

The green sriracha with serranos had more heat than the red. It also had a brighter fresher flavor and after taste. Imagine the taste of the color green. I made a second batch a few weeks later with Jalapenos. It was good, though the heat was mellower and it did not have the brightness of the serranos.



2 Lbs. Green Serrano or Jalapeno peppers, stemmed and coarsely chopped (Wear surgical or plastic food prep gloves for this step)

16 cloves of garlic smashed ( More or less garlic can be added to your taste)

1/3 cup Kosher or Canning salt (A finer pure salt that dissolves faster)

4 cups apple cider vinegar or rice vinegar(Add ½ cup more)

1/2 cup palm sugar (Available in specialty or Asian stores) or light brown sugar


Place all ingredients except sugar into non-reactive container. Refrigerate covered for 24hrs. to mellow the heat of peppers and tame the sharpness of garlic. Note- due to a chemical reaction sometimes the garlic may turn blue.


Peppers and garlic cooling in strainer. (Peter V. Bella)

Place brined mixture into a pot. Add the sugar. Bring to a boil and lower to simmer. Simmer 15-20 mins.

Remove from heat and strain reserving liquid. Let cool.

Place solids in food processor. Process until it is a smooth paste.


Processed into a paste, the product can be used as is or processed into a thinner sauce by adding reserved liquid.

At this point you can leave the mixture as a paste or process into a thick or thin sauce by adding some of the reserved liquid and pulsing a few times until mixed.

Refrigerate in tightly sealed container. Will keep for about four weeks.

For more depth of flavor ¼ cup honey and/or some fish sauce can be added.

To make the red sauce substitute red Jalapenos or serranos. To this you can add the honey, fish sauce, or a tablespoon of tomato paste to give it more flavor.



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