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Pin 52 Challenge: Shopper Tote Bag

In January, I began a weekly tradition of “Sewing with Sam.” Essentially, every Tuesday my mom and I would take over her kitchen and create cool upcycled hockey jersey drawstring bags. The Boston Bruins even contacted me to create bags with their player’s hockey socks (c’mon Rocky- we’re a Hawks family and want to make... Read more »

Pin 52 Challenge: Peach and Blueberry Greek Yogurt Cake

A few weeks ago I decided to clear some electronic clutter and tackle one project from my Pinterest boards weekly. If you haven’t seen the results from the crochet basket, bacon wrapped mini-meatloaf, or fudgy avocado brownies, you may want to start there. I really really really planned on completing another craft/project this week, but when... Read more »